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Welcome to Finland

Facts about Finland

  • Currency: euro (€)
  • Capital city: Helsinki
  • Population: 5,2 million
  • Time: GMT +2
  • Languages: Finnish (92 %), Swedish (5,5 %) and Sami
  • Religion: Lutheran (86 %) and Orthodox (1 %)
  • Government: Republic
  • Member of EU: yes

Visas: citizens of EU countries can stay in Finland up to three months without a visa


Summer in Finland is usually relatively warm and dry. The average temperature is around 20 degrees but during heat waves it can easily rise to as high as 30 degrees. Around July and August temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees, so even at night it is warm enough to sleep in a tent.

Although we definitely do not wish for much rain during Satahanka XI, we usually get some rain during the summer as well. Brining you rubber boots and rain coat with you to Finland is probably the best way to avoid the rain.

Daylight Hours

At the end of the July the sun rises around 4.30 am and sets around 10.00 pm in the southern parts of Finland. Thus we won’t enjoy the perfect midnight sun at the camp, but many daylight hours nonetheless.

English-Finnish-Swedish Dictionary

Hello Moi Hej
Thank you Kiitos Tack
Sorry, Excuse me Anteeksi Förlåt, Ursäkta
Tent Teltta Tält
Sleeping bag Makuupussi Sovsäck
Flashlight Taskulamppu Ficklampa
Axe Kirves Yxa
Sailing boat Purjevene Segelbåt
Be prepared Ole valmis Var redo
Happy Iloinen, onnellinen Lycklig, glad

Famous Finns

Kimi Räikkönen (formula one driver)
Kalle Palander and Tanja Poutiainen (alpine skiers)
Janne Ahonen (ski jumper)
Him, The Rasmus and Nightwish (rock bands)
Jean Sibelius (composer)
Alvar Aalto (architect and designer)
Nokia (mobile phone company)
Moomin characters
Santa Claus

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